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The CHOYA Aged 3 Years

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We carefully steep our ume fruit in 450 aging tanks. Then we choose the best 3 batches aged for at least 3 years to create this special award-winning blend.

Uses 100% Nanko ume from Kishu. An original taste that has been carefully aged for 3 years in the optimum environment. It features a heavy scent reminiscent of quaint brandy and a mellow yet complex finish.

Received the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) Gold Award for the second consecutive year in 2016 and 2017.

Received the 2018 London Sake Challenge (LSC) Platinum Award.

Ways to enjoy: 

Straight & chilled, on-the-rocks, with soda or hot water, in cocktails. Excellent as an aperitif or an after-dinner drink.


Product Information:

- Aged at least 3 years

- Alcohol: 15% 

- Content: 720ml

- Ingredients: Japanese Nanko ume fruit, sugar, and cane spirit

- Made from 100% Japanese premium Nanko ume fruit

- Actual amount of ume used: 340g

- Does not contain artificial additives such as acidulants, colourings, flavourings, or preservatives.







- 熟成时间:3年以上 

- 酒精度:15度

- 净含量:720ml 

- 原料:日本梅、糖、谷物蒸馏酒 

- 100%优质日本梅制成

- 实际梅子使用量:340g

- 0色素0添加剂