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The CHOYA Yowanai (Non Alcohol)

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Authentic umeshu taste with ZERO alcohol. Focusing on the key ingredients especially the "seed" of the ume fruit.

By micro-powdering the seeds of Nanko ume fruit from Kishu (most premium ume fruit in Japan) and blending them, it results in a rich and aromatic umeshu that's contains absolutely ZERO alcohol.

Preservation method:

Please store away from direct sunlight and places with high temperature and humidity.

Product Information:

- Alcohol: ZERO

- Content: 700ml

- Ingredients: Ume extract, sugar, ume juice

- Made from 100% Japanese premium Nanko ume fruit

- Does not contain artificial additives such as acidulants, colourings, flavourings, or preservatives

零酒精的正宗梅酒味道。 专注于关键成分,尤其是梅日本梅果实的“种子”。通过将纪州的南高梅果实(日本最优质的梅果实)的种子微粉化并混合,它会产生一种浓郁芳香的梅酒,其中含有绝对零酒精。 



- 酒精度:零

- 净含量:700ml

- 原料:日本梅提取物、糖、日本梅汁

- 100%优质日本梅制成

- 0色素0添加剂